Project Description: As the lead Senior UI/UX Designer, I led the creation of a pivotal page to showcase the iFit service, which is integral to the NordicTrack workout experience. The page provided a comprehensive hub for users to explore and select workouts, trainers, and preferred locations, bridging the gap between fitness enthusiasts and personalized training options. Our primary objectives were to excite, inform, and empower users by highlighting the diverse workouts, trainers, and training locations available through iFit.
Approach: I focused on crafting an intuitive and engaging user experience to achieve our goals. The page was designed to surface essential information in easily scannable content, with interactive elements strategically placed to encourage further exploration. Users could filter workouts by type and explore trainer specialties, enabling personalized fitness journeys. Interactive videos provided glimpses into trainer bios and exciting workout locations, enhancing user engagement and immersion.
Challenges: One of the key challenges was to catalog trainers and their specialties accurately and representing their bios. This was done successfully, and I am pleased with how it turned out. Additionally, collaboration with the editing studio was crucial to producing highlight videos for each trainer, ensuring a compelling and visually captivating user experience.

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