As the lead UI/UX designer for's rebrand, I collaborated with the branding team to modernize the interface, enhance site accessibility, and introduce pages that clearly detail BENlabs' solutions and products. My role spanned concept development to delivering assets, ensuring a seamless transition.
The redesigned site features a streamlined interface with engaging visuals and graphics, improving user interaction. Strategic A/B testing refined content and significantly boosted conversion rates. These enhancements were most notable on the Solutions and Product pages, crucial for mid-funnel engagement. BENlabs successfully completed a challenging two-month rebranding process, which helped to improve their connections with advertising opportunities with big brands, notable influencers, and blockbuster production studios. 
BENlabs is a solution across many different industries, from food to gaming, to automotive to airlines. Creating individualized content and designs for each of these industries was important to reaching each audience and demonstrating BENlabs' ability to deliver results. 

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