As the Senior UI/UX Designer at Nordictrack/iFit, I led the design of a dynamic microsite for the launch of the Fusion CST, an innovative 2-in-1 cardio and strength training machine. The project's main objectives were to educate users about the machine’s capabilities and iFit technology, provide social proof from press coverage, and engage users with sophisticated visual effects. I was responsible for drafting the initial design concepts and wireframes, presenting them to executive leadership, rolling it out to high-fidelity designs, and providing assets to the development team for implementation.
The microsite featured a full-screen parallax effect, dynamically adjusting content based on user scrolling, enhancing interactivity and information delivery. This engaging design approach made the learning experience more delightful and effectively supported the transition from commercial advertisement to online engagement.
For the Fusion CST microsite, creating engaging interactions was crucial. Here is shown a dynamic example of the parallax screen effects, highlighting exciting features of the Fusion CST.
Fusion CST Microsite UX Wireframe Flow
Every project should prioritize user-centric design to address potential issues before finalizing the design and starting development. Here's an example of a UX flow for the Fusion CST microsite, illustrating the user interactions considered during the design process.

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